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Children discover nature
with all their senses.

Active kids

Acitve Kids at the Eulersberg

It has been proven that nature provides all the variables that children need for healthful development. When you explore nature, you do so with all of your senses, making it a source of countless important experiences. Jumping over fallen tree trunks or balancing on top of them, clambering over exposed roots, hopping across small springs, climbing up a hill, and overcoming all kinds of other potential natural obstacles: the forest, fields, alpine meadows and mountain landscapes support the motor development of children in natural ways. Children improve their endurance, sharpen their perception, while being active outdoors automatically improves their sense of balance, too. One positive sideeffect: Children grow to appreciate the countryside as a place where they can play and enjoy memorable experiences.

Playground and playroom

All around the Eulersberghof, our younger guests have the freedom to move about as much as they want. The playground, which boasts some great play equipment, as well as the big green area invite them to run, play and just “be kids”. Out by the pond, and at the right time of day, children can observe all the little creatures that live there, while at the petting zoo, our small, friendly domesticated animals never fail to enjoy the loving attention they receive.

And thanks to a playroom, we are able to offer our smaller visitors a world all of their own, including a good selection of toys and games. And the apartments provide plenty of room and ample private space for all ages whenever needed.

Our pricing is exceptionally family-friendly, children up to age 6 stay free.

Playground at the Eulersberghof
Children in Werfenweng

Petting zoo with domestic animals

Children love petting zoos. The animals are their best friends. They can be caressed, cuddled and sometimes they are so funny! The goats can be stubborn, the miniature pigs grunt. The rabbits nibble a bit, the chickens sometimes get upset and the guinea pigs can squeak incredibly loud.